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Art & Craft Holidays available in 2020.
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Still Life.
April  2021 - dates to follow

The more you see the more you see..
Still life, sometimes seen as stiff and dusty needn't be that way but can become a meditation where colour and detail is enhanced and inspiring
Life Drawing and Portrait
May 2021 - dates to follow

Making a portrait can be a chance to glimpse beneath the surface reality of a person.
Develop proportion, line, tone, texture using a variety of media

Plant Dyeing and Felting
Mon Oct 5th to Fri Oct 9th 2020
June 2021 - dates to follow
Using organic Welsh wool to learn a basic wet felt technique to make felt which can be cut and sewn to make a pair of indoor slippers.
Explore the wonders of dye colours hidden in easily available plants and foods.

2 course dates available.  
Flowers and Gardens
June 2021 - dates to follow

Working in acrylics and watercolour, learn about colour, transparency, clarity, softness...
Includes an afternoon trip to Aberglasney Gardens
Atmospheric Landscape
July 2021 - dates to follow

Working outdoors "en plein air" and in the studio, we will study the landscape as it changes with the weather and light, reponding to this in terms of colour and mood.
Willow Basket Weaving
Mon Sep 8th to Fri Sep 11th 2020
July 2021 - dates to follow

Learn the art of willow basket weaving by making a "Welsh Cyntell" a traditional basket used to carry animal feed and gather crops.
Your tutor will be Justine Burgess of West Wales Willows.

2 course dates available

Contemporary Art Practise
Sep 28th to Oct 2nd 2020

A fun, challenging and diverse opportunity to find, see and portray things differently. Combining painting, collage, drawing and simple printmaking
All about Ink
Oct 19th to 23rd 2020

Using the unique qualities of different inks for drama, special effects and powerful, uncompromising art works
Lovespoon Carving
Sept 14th to 18th 2020
October 12th to 16th 2020

With Nansi Hemming
Learn chip carving, low relief carving and pierced work to create a traditional Welsh Lovespoon.

2 course dates available

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